Improving Government Commercial Capability

Cabinet Office - Government Commercial Function


The Government Commercial Function (GCF), a body of 4,000 commercial professionals, has an ambitious vision: to become the best commercial function in the UK. 
Focusing on talent and learning and development is critical to achieving that aim. Step forward the Commercial Capability Programme, a wide-reaching initiative that is changing the abilities of the Government’s commercial leadership. It introduced a new pay structure, to address the difficulties in securing top commercial talent, and raising levels of performance by setting out operating and professional standards. Central to the programme is a new assessment and development centre, which both supports recruitment of new staff and identifies the skills and capabilities of existing staff.  So far, more than 1,000 people have been assessed, with participants giving the experience a score of 4.21 out of 5. The programme has helped contribute to better procurement practices that helped the Government achieve savings of £2bn in 2016/17.

Judges said: “The strategy is bold, well considered and sets high standards, and possibly a new benchmark, for procurement activities across the public and private sector.”

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