Language Services - Contract Turnaround

Ministry of Justice


Providing interpretation and translation services for the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is a tricky prospect at the best of times, given the range and complexity of services required. But when the contract came to an end in 2016 – and previous supplier Capita faced widespread criticism for failings – the re-tendering process required a major rethink.

The MoJ project team had to come up with a new procurement strategy – stamping out past errors, enabling future innovation and ensuring a reliable, high-quality service for all stakeholders, including some of society’s most vulnerable people.

By enabling collaboration across geographically distant teams, and breaking down the services into separate entities – such as face-to-face and video interpreting being distinct from written translations – the team was able to award contracts to smaller suppliers, who were in turn able to offer more expert, specialist solutions. Feedback gives higher satisfaction rates for a high quality service. There are also better payment systems and mutually beneficial supplier initiatives in place.

Judges said the project “delivered benefits thanks to the correct thinking applied from the beginning, and taking time to question lessons from the past.”

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