Revolutionising the approach to supply chain management in the Facility Management industry with a state-of-the-art supplier portal



When facilities management company CBRE realised no supplier portal software available was flexible enough for its needs, it got creative. Partnering with a small software business, the team set out to create a tool that suppliers and stakeholders wanted to use, instead of one that they were forced to use. From this, the mySUPPLIER platform was born.
Inspired by platforms like Amazon, TripAdvisor and LinkedIn, CBRE devised a five-star rating system, which pushes the best suppliers to the top of the mySUPPLIER search function. Users can see which suppliers have performed best, but also give their own feedback. Extra functions to optimise risk management and diversity have helped CBRE achieve best practice as an outsource provider. MySUPPLIER saved £99,000 in its first year, and new business has increased significantly. 

The judges said: “Changing an entire system can be daunting, but CBRE took the hard decision and achieved better compliance and savings.”

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