Marco Salzedo

Director of Commercial & Contract Management Capability, Cabinet Office


Marco Salzedo recently joined the Government Commercial Function (GCF) as Director of Commercial and Contract Management Capability. Marco has over 30 years of commercial experience across the private sector, with 20 years experience in senior procurement roles successfully delivering complex and transformational change programmes. Marco has joined GCF from BT, where he was responsible for the procurement of Group Functions (Property, Facilities Services, Travel, Consultancy, HR and Financial Services) and Global Procurement Central Operations. Marco is keen to apply the experience he has had throughout his time in the
private sector to improve policy, process and commercial capability across government and hopes to bring his passion for continuous challenge and transformation to the team, ensuring commercial colleagues across government are empowered with the right skills to make business transformation work in the right way without losing any core commercial values, such as social responsibilities, good terms and conditions and robust negotiation.

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